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Share Here is a guest post from “The Interview Mastermind” Landon Long Most of us have been there… we’ve sent out resume after resume and just don’t seem to be getting any calls.  Of course the competition is fierce, especially in today’s job market, but you should be getting at least 1 call for every 10 resumes you send out.  If you’re not, don’t give up… but make some changes to your r
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Share As many of you know, I am a huge fan of LinkedIn as a resource for networking and recruiting.  Since I started blogging as “The Jobs Guy“, I receive on average 5-10 requests a week to join the networks of people I don’t know.  When those requests come in, I reach back out to them to let them know that I’d like to have a conversation with them so we can discuss how we can best network
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Share Every day I talk to more and more of my counterparts in the recruiting business who are looking for more effective ways to recruit top talent without logging in to a job board like Monster, Career Builder, or When I have discussions with individuals in charge of the Job Board licenses for companies I always ask them the following questions. 1) Do you feel like you are getting the same high quality c
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Share For the past year I have been evaulating how some of my fellow recruiters utilize LinkedIn.  Some users believe that being an Open Networker on LinkedIn that extends and accepts all invitations is the right way to build a massive network.  Others only connect to and accept invitations that involve individuals they have some connection with. Yesterday I read an interview in the Delta Sky Magazine with Linked
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Share Until recently, the only way for most companies to have their jobs found on the internet was to post them with a job board.  While the effectiveness of this recruitment marketing strategy has underwhelmed recruiters over the years, they have been left with little choice but to pay-post-and-pray.  Not only has the quality of the job board’s applicants gone down, but were it not for the resume database acce
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