LinkedIn tips for Job SeekersAs I mentioned in my previous post, 90 Days to Your Next Job, I have recently started working with a good friend who is re-entering the work force after 10 years of being self-employed and doing other things.  For the purpose of this series and out of respect for my friend, I will refer to her as Mary throughout the next 90 days. You’ll want to follow this series because at the end, in 90 days, Mary will have landed the job she wants and you will have a road map for exactly how she did it.

We had our first job search strategy coaching session yesterday at a local coffee joint and one of the first things I had her working on, after her resume, was her LinkedIn profile.  When we started on Sunday morning, she had roughly 17 connections and her LinkedIn profile was bare.  When we left 4 hours later, her profile was looking good and she was on her way to adding 100 connections in the next week.

As she was developing her profile and connecting with people she knew on LinkedIn, I proceed to put together a LinkedIn resource page to help her maximize the potential that LinkedIn has for Job Seekers.  Below are 10 great LinkedIn resources for job seekers and there will be more to come;

1. LinkedIn Profile Makeovers just got easier – This first resources explains how LinkedIn has made it easier to know which things to add to your profile, in order for it to be more presentable and easier to find.  Simply click on the “Improve Your Profile” button and LinkedIn will guide you through the process.

2. HOW TO: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile – In this article, the author consults with 4 LinkedIn super stars as they share tips on how to optimize your profile and reach 100% completion. We’ll talk more about optimizing your profile so the people who are looking to fill the job you want will find you on LinkedIn in a later post.

3. 6 Tips For Giving Your LinkedIn Profile A Facelift – This post gives even more ideas on how to make your profile shine from vanity urls and choosing the right photo to the best way to configure your email settings on LinkedIn.

4. LinkedIn Introduces LinkedIn Skills – LinkedIn Skills is a means of adding a skill set to your profile in your areas of expertise to help users build an enhanced profile that matches searches by recruiters and HR professionals.

5. LinkedIn Matches Job Seekers with Employers – This article explains some of the ways that LinkedIn tries to match employers with the best candidates on LinkedIn, and how you can position yourself to be that candidate.

6. LinkedIn Tool Places Resumes on Top of the Pile – This resource tells you how to take advantage of a great premium tool that LinkedIn offers that can help move your resume/profile to the top of a hiring managers pile when they are searching for candidates on LinkedIn. I don’t need to tell you that more recruiters and hiring managers are leaving the job boards every day and  using LinkedIn to find the right person for the job.

7. Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile – In this post, Chris Brogan, one of the most respected Internet marketing experts in the world, shares his one-two punch for leveraging LinkedIn.  Follow his advice because I guaranty you most job seekers won’t.

8. Five Things to Do on LinkedIn – This article offers 5 simple things you can do on LinkedIn to be engaged.  Remember, just becuase you have a LinkedIn profile doesn’t mean your in the community, you have to do things on LinkedIn to get noticed and to catch the next great job as it flashes by your LinkedIn home page.


I know you will find these 8 LinkedIn resources very helpful and if you take them to heart, you will move closer to landing the job you want.  Stick with our 90 Days To Your Next Job series and we will keep feeding you the tips, tricks and resources you’ll needed to get the interview and get the job.

Feel free to leave any LinkedIn tips you may be using that were not mentioned here in the comment section below. The idea is to help as many people as we can find a great job!