job search stategies from the jobs guyI had a conversation tonight with a good friend who has been out of the job market for the past few years.  She’s been busy raising kids and doing other really important things.  But, as we all know, life is full of unpredictable twists and turns and now she has decided to rejoin the work force.

She knew I had something to do with the internet and employment so she asked me to stop by and take a look at her resume.  One question she asked while we were chatting was, “How long do you think it will take me to find a job?”

I’m normally one to have a quick answer for every question, but just as my mouth was opening up to provide a quick answer, my brain interrupted and I paused before answering.  Bare in mind, this friend is not looking for an entry level job as she has earned 6 figures plus in her past gigs.

As I know this friend, any company would be lucky and thrilled to have her on their team.  She is the kind of person who when they tell you they will get something done, you can bet your life on it.  Fortunately for her, her resume supports this having won awards at almost every job she ever held. The only challenge is that some of those award winning jobs were some time ago.

After I paused for what seemed to me to be 20 minutes, my answered to her question was, “90 days.”  But I knew if she went about looking for a job the way everybody else does, it would be much longer and I proceeded to share with her some of the things she would need to do to make that happen.  I also explained that we would probably need to get together fairly frequently so I could help her develop, deploy and manage her job search strategy.

As I drove home my mind start racing with all kinds of ideas to help my friend find the right job in 90 days or less.  I have done it myself multiple times in all kinds of job markets and I wondered if the job search strategy that has worked so well for me in the past could also be helpful for my friend.

That’s when it dawned on me, why not blog about the experience, like a job search journal, that ends with the prize, the right job in 90 days or less.

I won’t mention my friends name, unless of course you have the right job for her, and I am going to call her right now to make sure she is OK with the idea.  If she is, I will be sharing with our readers a 90 day log of everything I share with her that will ultimately lead to her getting the job she wants.

With that said, I need to make a quick call, and if I get the OK, the next post in this 90 day series will be “What Job Do You Want and Why?” because if you can’t answer this first question, I can’t help you.

I’ll let you know tomorrow on our Twitter account if she gave me permission to continue and when you can expect to read the next post documenting our job seeking adventure.  Stay Tuned!