Full time fabulous

Voting closes at 11:59 PM (ET) on November 17th, 2010.

At The Jobs Guy we have two types of followers, about half of our audience is people looking for a job and the other half are recruiters and HR professionals.  Because of this, we try to balance our content between job seeking strategies and social media strategies and ideas for companies trying to find employees.  Today I’m reaching out to you with a little of both and an opportunity for you to help someone else get a job and experience a brilliant use of social media in recruiting.

Sunglass Hut has launched a very creative social media campaign to find a fashion blogger called “Full Time Fabulous“.  To be considered for the job, candidates had to submit a video explaining why they are the best candidate for the job.  Sunglass Hut is now running a contest on their site where family, friends and fans of each candidate can go out and vote for their favorite video/candidate.  The top 10 candidates by popular vote get to move on to the next step of the interview process.  There are 400 people who submitted a video application so the competition is stiff.

Imagine the genius of this recruiting idea, you get 400 socially minded people telling everyone they know and don’t know to visit Sunglass Hut and vote for them.  This is an amazing brand boosting event and it gets even better.  When you vote for your favorite candidate, your email address is required and they only allow one vote per email address.  They had to do it this way to prevent any unscrupulous candidate from simply voting for themselves over and over again.  The other security feature they had to build into the campaign is what’s called “Double opt-in” which means you actually have to respond to an email from Sunglass hut confirming your vote.  They had to do this to prevent anyone from simply putting in bogus email address and voting for themselves multiple times.  What Sunglass Hut did that was super smart is include a $20 coupon off your next online purchase for taking the time to participate.

Think about the genius in this, not only are they building huge brand awareness, identifying seriously interested candidates, as creating a winning video is no easy task, but they will also potentially drive sales! Brilliant!!

The winning candidate will get a one year contractor position with Sunglass Hut and the opportunity of a lifetime which includes;

  • $100,000 compensation
  • A fully-furnished apartment in Manhattan
  • $1,000/month styling allowance
  • VIP passes to fashion shows in NYC, Milan, Paris and more
  • The time of your life

Now you see where the motivation and drive are coming from!  I know, I know, I want that job too but it’s too late for me as the contest already launched and I know nothing about fashion.

At the Jobs Guy, our favorite candidate is  Michelle Ploog who is a personal friend and also a very capable writer and social media manager.  As part of her social media application, Michelle registered a cool domain name, www.fulltimefabgirl.com and launched a blog.  She also created a Twitter account and Facebook fan page dedicated to her mission of winning the job.  Finally, Michelle also created a logo for her campaign and added it to all her social media sites.  We think she has done an awesome job of using social media to get a job.  Please join The Jobs Guy in supporting our favorite candidate  for the “Full Time Fabulous” gig, Michelle Ploog.

Click here to vote for Michelle Ploog #324, and experience this brilliant  campaign

Thanks for your support!!