As I read the following article on 6 weeks back, I couldn’t help but wonder which side of the fence my fellow recruiters would find themselves on.  Are you helping to strengthen your company brand, or helping to tear it down?  Here is a link to the article that brought this on. “Recruiters, You Could be Killing Your Employer Brand”

I reached out to a number of great consultants and employees I’ve had the privilege to work with and learn from over my 11 year career.  I asked them two simple questions.

1) In your dealings with recruiters, what have they done to positively effect the brand they represent?

2)  In your dealings with recruiters, what have they done to negatively effect the brand they represent?

After these questions, here are the top 5 responses to each question.

Positive Effects

1) A recruiter that negotiates compensation to fairly benefit both parties.

2) A recruiter that acts with integrity

3) A recruiter that is accessible even when it might be inconvenient for them.

4) A recruiter that is transparent in their dealings.

5) A recruiter who is willing to give their help and guidance even when they do not benefit financially

Negative Effects

1) A recruiter that over promises to get you to work with them and ends up under delivering.

2) A recruiter that demands that you push your rate lower even though they are making a margin that can support your rate.

3) A recruiter that comes across desperate and overbearing.

4) A recruiter that sounds more like a used car salesman than an informed advocate for an opportunity. They tell you everything you want to hear just to get you to commit to them.

5) A recruiter who calls you with an opportunity that isn’t even close to matching your skill set.

No matter what role you play in a company, the way you are perceived speaks volumes.  Recruiters are in many cases, the first personal introduction one has to a company. As the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

If you take care of your brand, your brand will take care of you.