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I Have A Good Job, So Who Needs To Network?

Share For those of you who know and follow me,  you know how preposterous I think this statement is. However, I can’t tell you how many people have this mind set when it comes to networking. There are also those who believe that the only real reason to network is to set yourself up to find a new or better job. About 2 1/2 years ago my former company was sponsoring a business association meeting at it’s
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Share As I read the following article on 6 weeks back, I couldn’t help but wonder which side of the fence my fellow recruiters would find themselves on.  Are you helping to strengthen your company brand, or helping to tear it down?  Here is a link to the article that brought this on. “Recruiters, You Could be Killing Your Employer Brand” I reached out to a number of great consultants an
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Share I need to preface my comments by acknowledging that getting laid off is not an enjoyable thing for anyone.  Although we don’t have control over being laid off, we do have control over the ensuing job hunt. The following is a partial list of layoffs that took place last Thursday and Friday around the country: Northrup Grumman laid off 173 in Virginia, Rockwell Automation laid off 150 in Milwaukee, WI, P
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