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Share I had another blog all set for this week until Friday when I had a string of events happen that made this blog much more important. Whether we think about it consciously or subconsciously, networking will always be a key to succeeding whether personally or professionally. Professionally you may be trying to meet people who may buy from you, sell to you,  hire you, or be hired by you.  Personally you might m
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Share Every day I talk to more and more of my counterparts in the recruiting business who are looking for more effective ways to recruit top talent without logging in to a job board like Monster, Career Builder, or When I have discussions with individuals in charge of the Job Board licenses for companies I always ask them the following questions. 1) Do you feel like you are getting the same high quality c
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Share There are three ways we go through our working lives; with a job, a career or doing something we are passionate about.  Each of the three offer different levels of job satisfaction and opportunity.  Review my explanations of each below and see which one more describes your working or job seeking life.  If you are interviewing like a person looking for a job, you may want to change your approach and start w
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Share For the past year I have been evaulating how some of my fellow recruiters utilize LinkedIn.  Some users believe that being an Open Networker on LinkedIn that extends and accepts all invitations is the right way to build a massive network.  Others only connect to and accept invitations that involve individuals they have some connection with. Yesterday I read an interview in the Delta Sky Magazine with Linked
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