Here are a few good things to be aware of on your resume.  Use this checklist to ensure that your resume is complete:

  • One page only, unless you have significant previous experience
  • Word processor generated, with full spell check (automated and manual) and proofing
  • Times Roman or other Serif font, 10 point to 12 point size (12 point is best)
  • No more than two fonts or two sizes
  • Margins no less than 1″ and no more than 1.5″
  • Quality bond paper, 8½ ” x 11″
  • Contact information clearly stated; campus and permanent addresses both listed if appropriate
  • Clear, focused objective
  • Summary of your top three or four accomplishments, skills or competencies listed as bullet points
  • Degree listed first, college/university second
  • GPA listed if over 3.0
  • Major GPA listed if over 3.0 and your overall GPA is under 3.0
  • Graduation date listed, even if you have not yet graduated
  • Experience section listing notable accomplishments
  • Descriptive (not actual) job titles
  • Industry buzzwords and keywords included
  • Activities section listing your most notable extracurricular activities
  • No personal data or potentially discriminatory data
  • Spell-check and grammar-check your resumetwice; then have at least two other people do it for you again.

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