Like many of you, I recently fell victim to the tidal wave of job loss that has been sweeping our great country. After spending the past year consulting with companies on career site optimization, search engine marketing, website analytics and social media as a recruiting strategy, the dismal economy finally caught up with me. Now I think my tweets will be even more relevant for job seekers as I am one of you, facing the same concerns, challenges and frustrations in real time.

I am an optimist and so I’m confident that we will all find good work in due time. I enjoy being TheJobsGuy as I have met a ton of really cool people and I will continue to do what I can to help you all find work. If any of you happen to stumble across anything internet marketing and/or social media related, please let me know, and thanks for all your follows, RTs and kind words.

BTW, anyone know of any good pink slip parties coming up in Minneapolis ;)