I’ve been noticing a number of corporate Facebook pages lately which suggests that they are entering the world of social media.  That is until I noticed that the last update posted to the page was months ago! With all due respect people, social media does not mean you set up a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account and then doing nothing.  The word social implies interaction so if you really want to use social media to help promote your companies brand, products, services and career opportunities, pay attention to your audience and provide a steady stream of relevant content. By steady stream I mean at least once a week and once a day will make you more valuable to your audience as long as your updates, tweets and posts remain relevant!

Smart companies are using a combination of automated updates and human updates and most of your followers can tell the difference.  If your company is not willing to invest the time to be social and provide a consistent stream of good content, just accept the fact that social media is not for your company at this time and move on!

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