Join me at Lou Adlers “Official Rules for Hiring Top Talent” workshop in Los Angeles on Thusday, November 13th.  For more information click on this link, Hiring Top Talent. Here is the agenda for the day;

AM Session: The Basics of Performance-based Hiring

8:30 am to 12:15 pm

1.     Using Performance-based Hiring to Improve Your Productivity

2.     The Psychology of the Top Performer

3.     The Basics of Recruiting and Applicant Control

4.     How to Take the Assignment

5.     Defining Real Job Needs

6.     The Sourcing Sweet Spot

7.     How to Find High Quality Active Candidates

PM Session: Advanced Sourcing and Recruiting

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

1.     How to Become a Partner with Your Clients

2.     Sourcing and Recruiting Passive Candidates

o   How to Find and Recruit Passive Candidates

o   Using ZoomInfo (free trial!), LinkedIn and Social Networks to Find Passive Candidates

o   What It Takes to Get Your Phone Calls Returned

o   Networking and How to Get Referrals from Everyone

o   Sourcing Metrics – Keeping Track of What Matters

3.     The Two-Question Performance-based Interview

o   Using the Interview to Defend Your Candidates from Dumb Decisions

o   How to Become a Better Interviewer than Your Clients

Advanced Recruiting, Closing and Negotiating Techniques