After spending the past 20 years hiring, training and managing employees and the past 6 years studying and implementing Search Engine Optimization techniques, I felt it was time to organize and simplify all the ways to “find a job” or recruit an employee online.  So much has changed in recruiting and job search since I made my first hire and if a job seeker or employer is keeping up, there are a ton of new and different ways to connect.  That said, I hear from individuals looking for jobs and companies looking for good employees everyday who both tell me they can’t find each other.  I don’t get it, just about every Fortune 1000 company has open jobs on their website today, inspite of the horrible current economic conditions.  Finding jobs has never been easier, it’s getting the job or making a hire that seems to be the challenge. 

Through this blog I will share current information and trends designed to help job seekers find and get a job, and employeers find and hire the right employee.  Feel free to Inquire, inform, and interact as I try to navigate the ocean of online tools and opportunities available to both job seekers and employers.